A collection of copyrighted recollections and stories from a long and complicated life and implicating those related to and around me, and that includes the animals! But please remember, the early part of my life is written as a child remembers its, with the feelings and perceptions of that time. So any or all that were part of my past, take this into account THE DOWNSIDE IS, NEW READERS WILL HAVE TO START AT THE START OR BE FOR EVER CONFUSED.........

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Under Reconstruction


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I'm Irish, Irish parents etc. fled the country at 2 weeks old, travelled, ended up in 5, back to Ireland, back to Aust. New Zealand, Aust, and now Penang! Married, a few? times till I got it right by being found by my childhood love, we have been back together and married for 15 years. Between us, from our previous lives, we have 4 children, 10 g/children and 1 great grandson at last count, many of which do not speak to us, but its O.K. to elope if your 19 but not if your 50, but this is the happy hand that fate delt us and if you want to know more, then you will have to read the stories, (er, I have been taken to task re the use of the word 'story' as a friend, much more learned than yours truly, that it may be better described as reminicing!) about my life, lives of others who came and went and especially the animals that were always part of it. Not neccessarily in order, just the order that they come to me, and as I left school at 13, thank God for Spellcheck! A professional con man for a Dad and and a ditzy blonde for a Mother, how could it be boring? So from time to time I will put up a random story/recollection....